Course5 Intelligence

IPO Size

`600 Cr

Price Band


Minimum Lot Size


Face Value

`5 Per Share

Employee Discount


Retail Allocation


Issue Open Date


Issue Close Date


Listing Date


About the Company:

According to the Zinnov Report, course 5 intelligence is one of the leading pure-play data analytics and insights companies among the entities incorporated in India, in terms of revenues in Fiscal 2020. The focus of the company is to help organizations drive digital transformation using artificial Intelligence, analytics, and Insights.


The firm is an independent digital analytics and marketing and customer analytics company, with a deep understanding of the omnichannel customer journey. The firm has significant expertise in analytics for digital, direct to consumer(D2C), and omnichannel  models, which included areas such as customer, supply chain, enterprise AI and social media analytics and insights


As the volume and variety of data and information continue to expand, the ability to leverage this data for

actionable insights and strategic business decisions has become increasingly foundational to the success of

modern businesses. The firm's AI-driven products and their solutions and intellectual property-led solutions are supported by industry-specific domain experience and leverage the latest technologies and aim at enabling organizations to solve complex issues relating to their customers, markets, and competition at speed and scale. The firm combines a multi-disciplinary approach to data integration across structured and unstructured data sources to help businesses grow through informed decision-making.

The firm's client base is also diversified across various industries and geographies. Course5's clients are primarily engaged in the TMT, life sciences/ pharmaceuticals and CPG and retail, which accounted for 68.73%, 12.89%, and 8.65%, respectively, of its total revenue from operations in Fiscal 2021 and 66.95%, 14.89%, and 7.74%, respectively, of our total revenue from operations in the six months ended September 30, 2021.

Outstanding Litigation:

S.No. 1 - Company 2 - Directors 3 - Promoters
Entity Name By the Company Against the Company By the Director Against the Director By the Promoter Against the Promoter
Criminal cases - - - 1 - -
Material civil cases - - - - - -
Taxation matters - - - - - -
Regulatory Proceedings - - - - -


Financial Statements:

Income Statement(in Milllions) FY21 FY20 FY19
Gross Operating Income 2,571.99 2,654.39 2,325.71
Cost of Employee & Inventory 1,211.90 1,338.82 1,128.21
Other Expenses 2,071.77 2,343.59 2,050.40
EBITDA 500.22 310.80 275.31
Depreciation 134.63 124.29 59.56
Finance Cost 21.06 22.46 11.72
Profit/Loss Before Tax 344.53 164.05 204.03
 Tax 29.24 -5.23 24.69
Profit After Tax 315.29 169.28 179.34

Promoter of the Company

Ashwin Ramesh Mittal

Peer Comparison

• Happiest Minds Technologies Limited • Latent View Analytics Limited

Objectives of the Issue

Offer for Sale

Proceeds from the Offer for sale worth Rs 300cr, will not be received by the company.

Fresh Issue

Net proceed of Rs 300cr from the offer for sale will be utilized for the following: • Inorganic growth initiatives; • Working capital requirements of our Company; • Product and IP initiatives; • Expansion of our geographical footprint; and • General corporate purposes.

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