Life insurance corporation of India’s initial public offering is by far the most highly anticipated IPO by the market. It’s been in news for almost a year. The process of IPO of the biggest insurer in the country was delayed because of reasons like time taken to value the gigantic organization. After much hustle, LIC finally filled its draft paper with market regulators on 13th February 2022.

The DRHP stated, that out of total outstanding shares of 632.49 crores equity shares, this is only a 5% stake of the Indian government in LIC. This will help the government to meet its disinvestment target of Rs 78,000 crore. As per the market, LIC was supposed to open its IPO in March. However, turmoil on the geopolitical front globally delayed the process and made the investors wait longer than expected to get their hands on LIC IPO.

Valuation of LIC

Center is expected to slash the valuation of the mammoth insurance firm. The valuation was earlier pegged at Rs16 lakh crores. The LIC board is expected to reduce the valuation of the Insurance company by a whopping 30% to Rs 11 lakh crores.

Quotas for the investors

  • Employees-1.58 crore shares
  • Policyholders-3.16 crore shares
  • Anchor Investors-8.06 crore shares
  • Qualified institutional investors-5.37 crore shares
  • Non-Institutional Investor-4.03 crore shares
  • Retail Investors-9.41 crore shares

Anchor Investors to bring in Rs18000 Cr.

Due to positivity wrapped around the LIC IPO, many investors are drawn toward the IPO. Centre has finalized 50-60 investors that includes big name like BlackRock, Sands Capital, Fidelity Investments, Standard Life, and JP Morgan. Top fund managers as identified by the government have committed to bringing in at least Rs18000 crores from anchor investors.

Updated DRHP

If the market information’s to be believed, revised DRHP to be filed, post-government meets the Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM) and investment bankers and LIC board and the results of the FY22 are approved by the board. Sources also revealed that the IPO will be complete by May 12, 2022.


As per the information available in the market, the LIC IPO window for subscription is expected to open between April 25-April29.

The investor’s wait will be over soon. More details will be clear once the center files revised DRHP with market regulators. Till then Investors must stay prepared to investing one of the biggest IPO the Indian market will soon witness.

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